If this is the edge, what is over there?

If I am standing at the sea shore,
at the edge of a sea, and I'm facing the sea,
then I see the sea,
unless there is terribly thick fog
and nothing can be seen but this fog,
however such a case would be a very special one.
It can happen that it is night,
the sky is covered entirely
with heavy, dark clouds, and very little,
almost nothing can be seen then.
It can happen I close my eyes.
Or due to senility or some other reasons
I can hardly see anything,
I'm almost blind.....
Many things can happen,
but I will always have the sea in front of me.

If I'm disembarking and stepping on the land
and then standing with my face turned to this land,
then I see the land. For example rocks.
Beach. Dunes. Trees. Palms. Pier. Port.
Slender grass blades tossed by the wind.
Seagulls trotting on the sand.
Tangles of seaweeds....
Unless there is terribly thick fog
and all other cases described earlier.
However there is always the land in front of me.
And the sea behind me.

If I'm standing with my left ear towards the land
and my right ear towards the sea,
then I can see the land with my left eye
and the sea with my right eye....
Unless one of the situations described above is taking place.
However the edge will always be both in front of me and behind me.

So, maybe this is not the edge.

Yes. This is not the edge.

It looks more like a centre.

But if this is the centre then all around it there are but edges.

Total lack of edgelessness.

Of endlessness.

If the edge is the end.
Not necessarily it is like that.
Sometimes it is like that, but often it is not.
Here it is not.