What is the edge doing in the centre?

Nothing. Just nothing.
It is.
Every centre has its edge.
Everything has an edge, so everything has a centre, too.
Everything has a centre, so everything has an edge, too.

The edge is not worse than the centre.
Sometimes, or even often, we discuss “edge conditions”,
but we never discuss “centre conditions”. I wonder why.
Maybe because the centre is considered privileged by nature,
due to its “centreness”, while the edge is worse by nature,
because it will never achieve central position,
and that is why its status must be raised somehow.

It's also interesting why the centre is always
considered better than the edge.
It's also surprising that something so obvious makes us curious.
Obvious things and matters shouldn't make us curious.
And if they do, they are not obvious.
If they are not obvious, they are unclear.
Is they are unclear, they are devious and tortuous.
If they are devious and tortuous they are bad,
because they make our mind muddy while our mind should be clear.
Clear as crystal.

Should be but is not.
Because suddenly and unexpectedly the edge is in the very centre.
We enter the centre and we are on the edge.
It's crazy.
It's an absurd.

Why do I feel here like I am always on the edge wherever I go?
Always on the border. On the boundary. And I can't cross this border.
Can't go beyond this edge.

Why do I feel here like I am always in the centre wherever I go?
Always in the centre. And I can't get out of the centre.
Everything is around me.
Only around.

I wonder what is between the centre and the edge.

It seems that nothing.

Maybe there is really nothing between the edge and the centre.