It looks like this is a pinus grove – three pinus trees one beside the other. Of course, if there were four trees, this would look more like a grove... more grovy – but not more groovy... However, if there were only two trees, I could write about no grove at all, even extremely thin... So, it looks like three is the smallest number of trees allowing us to use the word grove. But the number alone does not suffice, no doubt about it – the distance between the trees is important, too; the distance can be neither too small (then we would have but a clump), nor too big (then we wouldn't notice any group).
The word pinus seems to be much more complicated matter than making a choice between grove and clump. Well, the presence of the “pinus” (certainly provided that the letters P I N U S make just this very word – this seems to be proved by the simple fact that they are located on the top, usually are of the same size and colour; however, it can be wrong track to follow, a deliberate attempt to push us in the wrong direction, a kind of mimicry, camouflage, trap or whatever, something of that sort), which seems to be something like a crown, as well as the fact that the trunks (or what can be considered the trunks) are composed of the same letters, although appearing in different combinations, which would suggest these are the trees of the same species, but of different varieties, or of various species but of the same genus. Even if this track, being result of quite right observations, turned out to be very probable, we should be extremely careful, because this track, so encouraging in the beginning can lead us to nowhere... Does it mean: to NO place? Is there a place which is NO place? An antiplace? Extremely interesting, isn't it?
It's enough to remember, how different are the silhouettes of these tress, their outlines, their trunks, their branches... It's good to remember that what is the same, or very similar, internally, can have absolutely different external forms – and vice versa: what is the same externally, or very similar, can be absolutely not the same internally.

Pinus novitanet.
A pine tree in Novita's net?
Who is Novita? A nice little girl running across the blossoming meadow with a white net and chasing an extremely rare tree – a flying tree? a running tree? Was this girl the first who succeeded to catch this extraordinary tree? Or maybe it is totally another story...