DUMP. And just it. Nothing more. Only dump. Should be enough. As usually should be enough since the word looks clear. But as usually it's not enough and the word is not clear.

This is just a place. A piece of space where a dump should be, and in fact is. This is a piece of space where something is to be dumped. What will be dumped here? Nothing has been dumped so far. The place is empty. The place is clear. The place is so clear that it's function is absolutely not clear. The name indicates its function – well, that's right, but when you see a vast (or not so vast) space with nothing in it, you can imagine everything in it, especially when this piece of space has no attributes indicating its destiny. A delightful unique marvellous palace can be built here, why not? Such palace could be a dump, not necessarily due to the abbreviation. A palace usually is a kind of dump because it is usually full of not needed objects which instead of being thrown away are being collected. Well, isn't a dump a collection of litter, rubbish and debris? It is, obviously it is. But what is going to be collected in case of this very place? Litter, rubbish and debris? Litter of letters? Rubbish of publish? Debris of verbis?

Isn't it strange that Liberland is so clean? You travel around and across it and there is no litter. Nowhere. Well, you can say everything that is written here is just rubbish, and Liberland is one huge dump. Dump of thoughts and ideas. Dump of literature. And so on. You may be right. Why not? But isn't it surprising that there is a dump in the dump? Or a dump in DUMP? This is one thing to be considered, to be discussed. Yet there is another, maybe more interesting. Can words be thrown away? Words seem to be perfect self-recycling entities. As well as letters. And phrases, sentences? A bit less than perfect, but also excellent. A word is never thrown away – it's always used once again. Differently. In different position, context, constellation, composition ...... in different text. So, if words can't be dumped (a word used no more just vanishes or decomposes into syllables, letters, phonemes, which are recomposed at once into other words), what is going to be dumped here? Anything?

What is going to be dumped here? ^^^^ What is being dumped here?
Nothing? Nothing. N o w  nothing. And later? And then?